Criss Angel: How to Levitate

Criss Angel: How to Levitate

Levitation, this the ultimate form of Mentalism. You’ve seen this performed by Criss Angel so many times in so many ways. Although it may seem like the real thing when you watch it on t.v or if you happen to be on e of the lucky audience members, I’m sorry to break your bubble, but its not real. If you keep reading I’ll be explaining how to levitate just like Criss Angel. So if you don’t want to know, don’t read.

The first method of levitation I’m about to explain uses a gimmick or a prop of some sort and a ton of misdirection. Another thing to consider is in which angle your audience is viewing you, because if the audience is spread out wide, they may be able to see behind the secrets of the levitation. In this case they are a small tightly knot group standing behind Criss Angel with his back turned to them.

So how is this done you ask? The only gimmick here is a shoe which is easily slipped on and off and a pair of pants with front facing slits so you can slide your legs out of the pants at will. The shoe is also attached to the pants so that if your feet are out of the shoe the shoe will hang. Then you will probably remember this on TV that he stands centered in front of a chair. This is the other prop. But he has to keep a distance from the chair so it wont be obvious in the eyes of the audience that he is stepping on to the chair.

So as he gets himself ready to step out of the shoe and pants and on to the chair he starts doing his thing. Which is misdirecting the crowd using his voice and his hands. When the crowd is misdirected enough Criss Angel then continues to carry out the rest of his illusion. The only thing he has to watch out for is not to stay up for too long, otherwise the crowd will get antsy and start to real probe the mechanics of this impossible illusion. Simple right?

Another way Criss Angel has carried out the inhuman feat of levitation is by a method called the Balducci levitation trick. This is a very simple trick which any can do to levitate, but a lot of preparation is needed in order to pull this off. The mentalist positions himself in an angle towards the audience in a way where they can see the rearward portion of one foot and more of the other foot and concealing the toe end of the ‘far’ (upstage) foot.So, how the Mentalist positions himself is very important.

The magician, with the rearward portion of his feet held together, lifts the ‘near’ foot off the ground, standing on only the front part of his ‘far’ foot (the one which is partially concealed) while lifting the rearward part of the ‘far’ foot and all of the ‘near’ foot and keeping his ankles together. The audience sees only one foot and the heel of the other (the ‘far’ foot), which appear to rise off the floor.

The hidden part of the ‘far’ (upstage) foot supports the weight of the magician as he appears to levitate one or two inches. In much simpler terms : the magician stands on the front of one foot, while raising the one foot and the visible part of his other foot, blocking the view of the front of the supporting foot with the other foot and rear part of the supporting foot.

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