David Blaine Tricks Revealed

David Blaine Tricks Revealed

Many of you know about David Blaine and his style of Street magic that mixes with mentalism.
Most of his tricks, thought they seem impossible to achieve at first, are actually simple and in this article I’ll be detailing how easy they can be performed by anyone with the tricks that I have revealed here.


In this trick Blaine picks a complete stranger off the streets. He then drags the stranger to a nearby car promising to show him something amazing. He then picks a seemingly dead fly off of the windscreen and after giving a small talk about his powers of black magic and some weird hand gestures the fly comes back to life and flies away.

Now, I know you’re thinking there’s no way you can bring any dead thing no matter how small back to life. Well the fly wasn’t dead to begin with. The only preparation you need for this trick is to catch a fly and freeze it, preferably in dry ice, to cause less damage to the fly. Once the fly becomes frozen, it induces a temporary coma. Then you can proceed to place the fly on a windscreen of a shaded car. Then carry on with the trick babbling nonsense about your powers of black magic until the fly thaws it’s way back to life!

Voodoo Spirit Writing

This trick showcases David Blaine’s acting skills more than his ability of mind power. Usually this trick is carried out with a large crowd watching. Blaine takes a note pad and a pencil and writes or draws something then hides it not showing anyone what he has written. Then he asks an audience member to think of a number or a shape, claiming that he already knows what he/ she will think of and it is already written on his piece of paper. Then when he/she has written it she shows it to the crowd and him then he shows her his piece of paper with exactly the same number or shape on his/ her paper.

This is so simple it doesn’t even hold its appeal anymore once you know how its done. For the preparation you need to super glue a small piece of pencil lead on to your thumb. Then when you are about to write something on your piece of paper just fake it and keep it blank. Once the audience member has divulged what they have written, with the help of misdirection you write it on your piece of paper with the piece of lead glued to your thumb. And then amaze the audience with your amazing powers of mentalism.

Money From Thin Air

Originally performed by David Blaine this trick promises to make you a millionaire overnight. Seriously these tricks are so simple! Heres another one you can perfect at home an amaze your friends with. The trick starts out with David Blaine sitting calmly at a table facing the audience member also seated opposite him. Then he rolls up his sleeves one by one to show you that there is nothing hidden in them.

Then he waves his hands dramatically and all of a sudden out comes money out of thin air. Ok so again this trick relies on your misdirecting capabilities. For preparation you have to keep a tightly rolled bunch bills concealed in a crease of one of your sleeves hen while you distract the onlooker by showing him that your sleeves are empty and your hands are concealing nothing. While they are distracted by one hand, swiftly take out the roll of money revealed from the crease, then continue to add some magical hand gestures and then start spitting out the money. MAGIC!

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