Mind Reading Revealed

Mind Reading Revealed

Many mind magic tricks revealed are more than just tricks. They are creative techniques for tapping into the power of your mind. They entertain, but they also have more practical uses. In this article, I’ll be explaining a few of the easier but popular tricks so you can do them yourselves, so get ready to learn some mind reading which i will reveal to you.

The name of the dead

The first mind reading trick that I’m going to explain is called “The name of the dead”. This is a very simple trick to do, but if done with the correct attitude and setting can look and seem amazing. For this trick, you hand out three slips of paper, and ask three people to help you. Two are to write the names of living people on their slip, and the third person, the name of a dead person. These slips are folded and placed in a hat, without your touching them. You are then blindfolded, or the hat is held high over your head so that you cannot see into it. You are able to reach in and bring out the slip with the dead person’s name.

This is a very easy trick. Take a sheet of note paper, and tear it into three pieces. The top and bottom pieces will have one smooth edge and one rough edge, but the center piece will have two rough edges. Have someone in the audience write a dead person’s name on the center slip, and two other spectators, the names of a living person on each of the other two slips. Have the slips folded and dropped into the hat.When you reach into the hat, all you need to do is feel for the slip with two rough edges. When you have found it, don’t bring it out right away.

Have the spectators concentrate on the names they have written. reveal the slip, still folded, and hold it against your head. Build up the suspense until you have created a mystery. Then reveal the slip in your hand as the one with the dead person’s name. If you wish, you may leave the room while the names are being written, and be brought in blindfolded for a dramatic presentation.

The magic Numbers

Another popular but equally easy trick is called “The magic Numbers”. You write a prediction on a slate and cover it with a handkerchief. You then pass out a pad of paper to a spectator and ask him to write a four digit number on the pad. Two other spectators each write a four digit number under the first. Have a fourth spectator add them together and announce the result. The slate is uncovered and there on the slate is the answer. Use a pad about 5 by 7 inches with a cover. The pad should open at the narrow edge (top).

On the first page write down a four digit number, and under this two more four digit numbers just as if they were to be added together. When writing your figures, try and make them look as if they were written by different people. Draw a line under the row of figures so they may be added together. On another sheet of paper add these figures. Do not write them on the first page, but memorize the total, or write it very faintly on the slate. Fold back the cover and first page of the pad (with the figures) so that the second (blank) page is in view.

To start the trick, reveal the slate and appear to concentrate. Write down the total of the figures you wrote on page one, on the slate, so that no one can see them. Cover the slate with a handkerchief and give it to someone to hold, or stand it up in plain view. Go to one of the spectators and ask him to write a four digit number on the pad Hold the cover and first page down along the back of the pad so that he writes on the second page. Repeat this with two more spectators from different parts of the room so that you are walking about quite a bit.

Ask the third person who writes down figures to draw a line under the column of figures so that they may be added. Now walk to the other side of the audience, and as you do so, fold the top page over onto the pad, so that your figures are on top. As you do this, tear out your page, close the cover of the pad, and ask a spectator to add the figures. Give him the pad to rest the sheet of paper on. Ask him to announce the result after he has added the figures. Have the first spectator, who is holding the slate, reveal it and read what is written on it. The totals will agree.

With mind reading tricks as easy as these, I’m sure everyone has the power to become a mind reader. Amaze your friends and family, but remember, like every good mentalist, never tell them your secret!

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